Children's Books

What if I don't make it?

'What if I don't make it?' is a short football story aimed at children under the age of 11.

The book is available in either boy or girl format and can be tailored to suit any football club at any level from grassroots to Premier League.

It tells the story of a youngster who wants to play the beautiful game but is lacking in the basic skills required. Having suffered at the hands of poor-quality coaches he/she finally finds the ideal coach to improve his/her game.

The idea of the book came after I had written the original poem along with a couple of others, whilst taking my ‘coaching badges’. All were aimed at teaching parents the right type of environment and which type of coaches they should be allowing their children to learn the game around.

My pal Rob Purdon provided a couple of illustrations to go with the first few lines and before we knew it, we had produced a book.

As we were both FA qualified coaches, we felt that the book reinforced the FA message regarding the football education of our youngsters and contacted several junior football clubs across the North West and offered it to them in both boy and girl versions.

The book was in the colours of the specific club throughout, with a club crest on the front cover and had a page at the back which could be personalised to each individual club if required.

We were approached by Huddersfield Town FC who took copies to sell in their club shop too.


Football Alphabet


Football Alphabet is a fun journey through the alphabet using football as an aid to help young children to learn the letters whilst enjoying the great illustrations provided by Rob Purdon.

The book again came about during one of our ‘brainstorming’ sessions, the original book was taken up by The National Football Museum to sell in the shop. We added some fun football facts to go with each letter which meant that the book was made available in both a landscape version with the added facts and a smaller square version for the younger children to concentrate purely on the alphabet.

Further copies of the book are available 



Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is a fun journey through the decorated history of Blackpool FC, aimed at the younger generation of Seasiders.

The book tells of the all the great highs that Blackpool have achieved during their history, League Titles, Cup wins and promotions all brought to life by the great illustrations provided by Rob Purdon.

The idea of writing the book came after the club had finally come through a dreadful period in the club’s recent history, with courtroom wrangles between the clubs former owner always in the news.

With the former owner removed from the club, Blackpool supporters had returned to Bloomfield Road in their thousands, the book was launched at the end of the 2018/19 season at the Club Community family fun day.

Further copies of the book are available 


The Scarf

The Scarf is a fun story of how a football scarf is handed down through the generations of a family. The story takes in many true historical moments including the likes of Robin Hood, King Henry VIII, Sherlock Holmes, Elvis Presley and many more. The book as always is full of great illustrations provided by Rob Purdon.

The book is available


Granny’s Galactic Garden

Granny’s Galactic Garden is a story of how twins Karl and Tilly discover that the old bus shelter in their Granny’s back garden is the stop for many mysterious visitors. The book as always is full of great illustrations provided by Rob Purdon.

The book is due to be available in print very soon!